Business tax deadlines

If your business is an S-corporation or a partnership, the deadline to submit your business tax return is Monday, March 15th. If you live or have a business in Texas or Oklahoma, then the recent winter storm has bought you some time. Following the disaster declaration issued by FEMA, the IRS has extended tax deadlines until June 15, 2021.

Who qualifies?

If you live in, have your principal place of business in, or have necessary tax records located in Texas or Oklahoma, you qualify for this extension.

Which deadlines are extended to June 15th?

How do I request the extension?

If you are a taxpayer and you reside in Texas or Oklahoma, you automatically qualify. If you have a business in Texas or Oklahoma but reside elsewhere, contact the IRS disaster hotline to request tax relief at 866–562–5227. If you usually file a Texas franchise tax report, you automatically qualify for the Texas Comptroller extension for filing your franchise tax report.

Whether you are scrambling to file by next Monday or you have until June, our tax experts are here to help. We can take care of both your business and personal returns. Contact us today!

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